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Root Canal Treatment Without the Pain

Dental Cosmetic Spa is most reliable providers of professional root canal treatment in Coral Gables. We have been able to keep up with the latest technology in modern dentistry and have had the best results and a high level of satisfied customers. Our dentists and orthodontists are warm and friendly and always offer the best advice so that patients can make more informed decisions about having a cosmetic dental procedure done. If you need to schedule a root canal in Coral Gables, we have the most advanced procedures that is precise and painless.

At Dental Cosmetic Spa we place great emphasis on the importance of always taking the steps needed to save your teeth. Having your natural teeth is a much safer and comfortable option to having dentures, implants and other options. Having a root canal done is one of the option that we take to save your natural teeth. Unfortunately many people get uncomfortable seeking this option from their dentists because of the bad reputation it has for being painful and uncomfortable.

Having a root canal is by far seen as one of the most uncomfortable dental procedures. If done by Dental Cosmetic Spa however, you will never again have that fear of getting the procedure done as we are true professionals and know how to ensure that patients enjoy a virtually painless experience.

What is Root Canal?

A root canal is often recommended if you are suffering from pain and discomfort because of a bad tooth. Gone are the days when bad tooth are just pulled out and forgotten only to leave an even more discomforting hanging gap in the mouth. Root canals offer an alternative to losing your tooth altogether and is done to prevent bacteria from taking over.

Root canal treatments involve numbing the area and cleaning and removing infectious bacteria that is present on the root of the teeth. This procedure is done to prevent the tooth from becoming damaged (or damaged further). After the cleaning process, the tooth is filled and sealed to prevent any further infection and to prevent the structure from deteriorating.

Root canals are not the painful excruciating procedure many persons imagine it to be. It is a process that involves taking away pain and discomfort of having a bad tooth and preventing the loss of that tooth. In essence you will eventually save yourself from going through the trouble of having an extraction done and getting a suitable replacement for that missing teeth.

Find out if Root Canal Treatment is For You

Instead of enduring a painful toothache, you can find out if a root canal treatment is the best option for you to treat your bad tooth. Dental Cosmetic Spa has a team of experts that are willing to conduct a consultation to keep you informed of what your best options are.

Contact us today so we can begin assisting you with saving your teeth or help you explore the range of cosmetic procedures that we offer to our valued clients.

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