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Dental Cosmetic Spa has been providing a range of affordable and state of the art dental cosmetic procedures to help restore the smiles of many of our patients. Dentures are one of the easiest and most affordable options for replacing missing teeth.

At Dental Cosmetic Spa, we are able to ensure that you are adequately fitted with well fitting dentures so that you feel comfortable wearing them. We have been able to help many patients to correct their smiles by using dentures to fill those missing gaps.

Gone are the days where dentures are seen as the solution for senior citizens as they have become a simple solution for many who wants an easy and affordable option for filling in the missing gaps. Technology has allowed for dentures to become more comfortable to wear and people nowadays feel confident wearing them. As one of the leading providers of well-fitting dentures, Coral Gables residents can enjoy the many benefits of utilizing our services.

How Do Dentures Work?

If you have lost a tooth, dentures can offer a temporary or somewhat permanent solution to replacing that missing tooth. An impression of the entire set on the upper or lower jaw is made so that a set of artificial teeth can be made to fit the missing space perfectly.

Low Cost

One of the most prevailing factors why dentures remain one of the most popular option for replacing missing teeth is that they are cost effective. When compared to other methods, dentures cost only a fraction of other procedures even though it acts as a semi-permanent solution.

Immediate Solution

Getting dentures after you have lost a tooth is quick and easy. Opting for dentures does not mean that you will go without your teeth for a long while. The process can be done in only a few visits. The first visit is usually to remove a bad tooth and to have an impression done. This impression is sent to lab to have the dentures made. The next visit is usually to have them fitted and might require follow up visits so that they can be adjusted so they fit comfortably.

Having your dentures can also be a temporary solution if you are planning on getting more time consuming procedures done such as a dental implant. Implants takes time as the root has to be implanted for a while before the bridge is attached. While waiting for your gum to heal, a denture can be the perfect solution to having a replacement for that missing gap.

Dental Implant Overdentures

One of the most uncomfortable features of wearing dentures is the effort that has to be taken to keep it in place. Implant overdentures is a new method that effectively combines dental implants and dentures using two or more of the prosthetic teeth to keep the entire jaw in place. Often times the existing dentures can be used, resulting in a higher comfort level when speaking or chewing. This method is often used on the lower jaw as there are too many factors affecting implant overdentures on the upper jaw.

Find out More About Dentures

You can find out more about dentures or other dental procedures by contacting one of our experts. Dental Cosmetic Spa has all the right options available for you to choose from. Speak to one of our professionals today.

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