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About Dental Implants

One of the most uncomfortable tooth issues that many people have to suffer through is having a missing tooth. This can cause you to feel uncomfortable when chewing, talking and even smiling. Having a gap in the mouth can cause people to lose confidence in themselves and feel self-conscious. Dental implants provides a long term solution that is guaranteed to help you to get back your confidence.

Dental implants have become one of the most trusted option for having missing teeth replaced. Dental implants are the preferred method for replacing a missing tooth because it offers the same comfort as having the original tooth. Having dental implants have numerous benefits and many customers enjoy having not just their smiles improved but also their speech.

Professional Dental Implants in Coral Gables

Getting dental implants from Dental Cosmetic Spa gives you the option to have a life changing solution for those who wants a comfortable and practical solution for correcting a smile that has somehow become uncomfortable. Many people choose this option because it mimics the function of original tooth; unlike dentures, you cannot remove it.

Dental implants are done by having a synthetic material placed in the tooth socket so as to take the place of the original tooth socket. This serves as an anchor for the bridge or artificial tooth that will be placed on it. once the bridge is attached, it functions as a normal tooth and is likely to last for years to come without being replaced or repaired.

Why Dental Implants are the Preferred Method for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants has a range of benefits making it one of the preferred choice for those who need a tooth replacement option.
  • They are easy to wear without being noticed
  • Looks just as natural as the tooth that is missing.
  • It is easy to have the teeth put in and can lasts a very long time.
  • Keep remaining teeth in line.
  • Does wonders with restoring your confidence as you can smile without feeling uncomfortable

Whether you need to replace a single missing tooth or you have multiple teeth that are missing, the experts at Cosmetic Dental Spa will be able to help you to choose the best options available.
You can opt to have a full replacement of your upper or lower jaw depending on your individual circumstance. Replacement of the upper or lower teeth is done by filling in all the missing roots of the teeth and then attaching the bridge.

ICOI Members

At Dental Cosmetic Spa, we are proud members of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists  (ICOI).  “The ICOI is an association of general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, laboratory technicians, auxiliaries, industry representatives, researchers, faculty members, pre and post doctoral graduate dental students as well as the general public.

Learn More About Our Coral Gables Dental Implants Services

Your smile is one of the most valuable factor of your overall appearance. You can build your confidence by simply getting the right cosmetic procedure done and have your teeth repaired or replaced. Contact Dental Cosmetic Spa and find out whether or not dental implants will work for you. We will help you with your decision by giving you all the additional information that you need.

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