We provide premium service including exclusive direct cell phone access to Dr. Carlos Gutierrez for any acute dental issues. No appointment needed for emergencies. The Dentist will attend your needs in the fastest way possible with minimal or no waiting time to make you feel better. You are our main priority, everything else can wait!!!

Enhanced Coordination

If you need special care, Dr. Carlos Gutierrez will work closely with other specialists and providers to make sure your problems are taken care of. We will facilitate communication and make arrangements for any further appointments and procedures needed.


When traveling outside the United States always coordinate with Dr. Carlos Gutierrez to make sure you are ready to travel and no foreseeable dental complications might take place while abroad.


We will facilitate your prescriptions, and make sure all information is correct and ordered in a timely fashion to your pharmacy.

Other advantages

10-20% discount on any Cosmetic procedure.

Annual Fee

Our Concierge VIP Program has an annual fee of:

Member ………………………..$ 2,000
First relative ………………….$ 1,000
Family 3 or more …………..$ 4,000

The annual fee covers Concierge VIP service.
It does not replace your health insurance. You will still need health insurance to cover office visits not included in the annual fee.  Your health insurance may also be billed for office visits and services provided outside the office setting such as specialist visits, laboratory tests, x-rays, or pharmacy prescriptions.

If you would like to apply to our Concierge VIP Program, CLICK HERE.